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i am tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. thank you so much. >> 4:29. >> crisis in libya is driving much of that pain at the pump. nato will boost surveillance flights over libya. that from a senior official, they are debating a no-fly zone. forces continue to attack with more planes. oil producing towns. they vow to continue until muammar gadhafi is gone. >> sun tom. >> more demands. >> this we are starting off with it feeling like winter time. 35 at reagan national it is near the freezing mark in prince george's county.
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arlington, fairfax, and mid 20s throughout much of virginia, and maryland on this tuesday morning. right near the bay, the bay waters are in the mid 40s, temperatures on the bay in the upper 30s and the eastern shore away from the waters are near freezing. west virginia, down to 20 there now on this 8th day of march. right now, we have a clear sky, high clouds coming in from the midwest. later today. there is the live view of the washington monument, under this clear sky. temperatures climbing into the upper 30s, to near 40 by mid morning. few high clouds, and mid afternoon, up in the upper 40s, briefly near 50. we will have a light wind, clouding up by late afternoon. a look at your night planner at
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4:41. let's check traffic. >> very busy, i-95, and the beltway with overnight construction. 95 was completely closed off. 395, as a result, everybody had to take a detour, in the process of picking it up. getting ready to head out the door, be aware of that you another stretch with a lot of construction, off the american legion bridge, through tyson's corner toward i-66, and the inner loop on i-66 in maryland. inner loop at route 4. watch out for the construction views, scheduled to be out of there in 30 minutes or so. >> pepco's plan to keep the lights on is flawed. pepco's plan was found to be quickly put together without a detailed study. they want them to rethink their plan, making tree trimming a
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higher priority. they found trees being the primary causes. the problem goes back to hurricane isabel, the pepco six-point plan calls for 256 million in expenditures in the next 2350i6 next five years. it happened in a government building neighborhood in eastern pakistan, bombers officials say, targeted a gas station to target a bigger explosion. extremist groups are growing in that area. >> and president obama approve
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ed. the white house said that obama administration remains committed to closing the facility in cuba. >> today, the president will visit the tech boston academy with melinda gates, bill gates wife, and ernie duncan. the school was founded in 2002, with the help of bill and melinda's foundation, it has become a successful college prepatory school. the president will attend a fundraiser at the museum of fine arts. montgomery county police are trying to stop a serial rapist. a woman fought off a man where other attacks occurred. >> police say the woman was grabbed from behind who threatened in spanish to rain her.
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>> the subject tried to grab the victim. the victim fought the suspect off and ran home. >> police were called and searched the wooded area. they were not able to locate the suspect. the question tonight, is there a connection to three similar unsolved crimes in the aspen hill area. this is the composite sketch from november. >> the case is under investigation. they have not made any determinations as to whether or not it is connected to any of the cases. >> reporter: police say the woman was so shaken up, she couldn't provide a description of the attacker. they hope to have a better one. >> an alleged witness who helped to put a man behind bars. police think he is responsible for attacking people in several
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other area, includingliesburg virginia. a woman testified she saw him stab her friend. according to a michigan friend, williams was arrest and charged with three robberies. that raises questions about her of reliability and possibly her motivation. just label week, six students were arrested after a food fight that turned into a brawl. the president of the booster club said there could be six fights a day and that school is spinning out of control. prince george's county is making changes, adding security and a new assistant principal. pcsa will address concerns tonight at a meeting at 7:00. >> for the next two weekends, track work will cause major disruptions of the transit system, march 11th to the 13th,
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and 18th to 20th, no service between west falls church and east falls church stations. dulles rail project that will eventually connect to the orange line. free shuttle service between the stations, and single tracking on the red, blue, and yellow lines. those same weekends. take your patience and pack it out the door is the point. >> 4:37. ahead on "news 4 today." how d.c. police used a sting operation to catch a suspected crooked cop. >> tom is tracking the next serious storm, when the n
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welcome back, at 4:40, coffee lovers, you will notice that your starbuck's looks different this morning. launching their new logo today. removing their name from around the cyron. they are expanding their products. >> i like the classic. >> as long as the coffee doesn't change. >> that is clear. we need that. >> many don't know that is our director curt nelson from the 1970s. >> i hope you are getting
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royalties. >> they should start selling tomato juice this is when you bring it in. i am fascinated by this. >> it is coming. >> you need to wrap your hands around a warm beverage this morning. elsewhere in the upper 20s, high clouds coming through. right now, a clear sky. we will have a lot of sun this morning. there is the washington monument. dry pavement. we have dried out since yesterday. bright and sun net upper 30s. mid 40s with high clouds, streaming in from the west. partly to mostly cloudy by late afternoon. our sunrise, 6:30, and overnight tonight, mostly cloudy. temperatures early evening, by midnight, and by this time tomorrow, cloud and temperatu s
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temperatures. could get heavy rain wednesday night and thursday. we will tell you how much. and the weekend. 4:51. >> slow in a couple of spots on the beltway, prince george's county, on the road work, inner loop of the beltway, new the john hansen highway. construction crews in the portion of the roadway in a couple of spots. northern virginia, 395. looking good. 14th street bridge. and springfield, mentioned earlier, all lanes were closeod 95 northbound, at the capital beltway, it looks like they reopened everything, a little volume right now. that is how we are doing. >> 4:41, 37 degrees, police say he lived a jeckle and hyde lifestyle.
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the suspected east coast rapist questions he asked police when they arrested him. >> and charlie sheen may be
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welcome back, at 4:45, after a two-week long, very public melt down, charlie sheen is out of a job. warner brothers said that actor's job on "two and a half men" has been terminated. sheen was supposed to appear in court for a custody hearing involving his two-year-old twin sons. his attorneys tell nbc, there will be no hearing because talks are progressing with his wife. >> he is looking for a social media intern, he is looking for
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a hard working individual, the eight-week job is paid and would happen this summer. >> now he may get his own tv show. the mavericks owners said they have cameras following him. >> the president of the university ever columbia will appear one day students call for him to resign. he has come under fire taking trips to england, and he said the trips were necessary for the job. many students say the spending is unconshunable. >> according to the washington post, the d.c. office of
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campaign fiance a d.c. police officer finds herself on the other end of the law charged in a robbery. she was caught in a sting operation. >> jennifer green in uniform on her facebook page, has been a police officer for five years, she was arrested and monday, she pled not guilty to accepting stolen goods. according to court documents, she met a confidential informant, then the two drove here to the launchlg, a strip club on georgia avenue, northwest. here, the inform ant, who has a
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pending charge for assault with a deadly weapon, told green that his friends apartment was empty and filled with crack cocaine. greenandily told the informant to drive away as she counted the money. jennifer green was arrested a short time later at her house. the police chief issued a one sentence statement saying, we must be as proactive as
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preventing corruption as crime. >> they ordered her to undergo drug testing and surrender her firearms. >> at his first court appearance, dna evidence he discarded on a cigarette links him to the attacks. thomas said, why haven't you picked me up sooner? he will likely be tried in connecticut first, and faces charges in virginia that could carry a life sentence. authorities say when they go the to ray leonard road, a man was waving a gun at a teen. they ordered him to drop his
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weapon. police say one of the officers shot the man. nurses from washington hospital center will return to the pickett line for the last time this afternoon before returning to work. many of the hospitals' 1,600 nurses walked off the job for a planned one-day strike. the nurses were told they would not return until wednesday. the temporary workers were promised five days of work. the nurses are protecting wages, and what they call -- at issue, how to divvy up $9 billion in revenue, if to extend the season to 18 games. they have until friday to get the deal done. >> speaking of working, if you
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are looking for work, you have the opportunity to meet with dozens of employers. coast to coast career fairs are hosting a free job face, 300 jobs available in sales, retail and much more. the fair will be held from 11 to 2:00 this afternoon in rosalynn near the key bridge. sgluft bourbon street is expected to be to be packed. drinking, dancing and of course, all those beads. that is one fat party. >> have you ever been? >> i haven't. >> it is on my bucket list. >> we are having our own party.
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it is not mardi gras. >> i don't have any beads. >> i am scared to see what you do with beads. i don't want to know. maybe i do. >> good morning. we would like to conjure up spring time weather. a cold morning. in fact, it is below freezing in many locations. maryland and virginia. right now, the district of columbia, in the mid 30s by the bay. prince george's county, montgomery county, at or below freezing, down to 20 western maryland. and over the last 12 hours, right now, we have a clear sky. other high clouds moving in from the west. right now, clear skies over washington, sunshine this morning by noon into the mid 40s and mid afternoon, around 50 degrees. sunrise, 6:31.
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the sunset, 6:08. back into the mid 40s, and then by dawn tomorrow, should be down in the mid 30s. then a cloudy day on thursday. highs reaching the upper 40s and after sunset, it looks like rain moving in. likely rain after midnight. wednesday night, heavy rain likely on thursday that will cause flooding likely. and drig out a the shortest weekend of the year. we spring ahead one hour, saturday night. and saturday and sunday, partly cloudy, the highs in the 50. near 50 and sunny on monday. follow my forecast on twitter, with the latest weather, science and nature news. 66,pushed the travel lanes, you may find them close to the
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travel lanes. and overnight construction, coming through, northbound 270 at monrose road, it was in place. watch for the workers out there. looking good on the beltway, northern virginia. springfield and i-66. >> southwest airlines fare hike, raised their fares $10. southwest is on pace to sell 1.1 billion on fuel. they followed alaska frontier, and virginia america it is the sixth time airlines raised fare this year. that is the onlyarily i felt like haven't been impacted.
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they tell jokes. >> the good thing about southwest, they don't have baggage fees, i think many will still chose it because of that still expensive to fly. 4:55. 37 degrees. no longer a free ride. how the icc took a toll on the number of drivers using it. >> how soon you could be dining with your dog at local restaurants.
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and welcome back, 4:58, news that traffic in washington is bad is nothing new. it turns out it is actually getting worse. according to ""usa today"" traffic in the largest cities increased by 11%. a trafficking company said it could be due to more people finding jobs. it is especially bad in 95 in virginia. ranked fourth on the most congested cities, dallas came in fifth on the list. >> apparently, drivers don't want to pay money to avoid congestion. imagine that. the intercounty connector started a toll yesterday, and 2100 used the bypass.
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5500 used it when it was free for two weeks. it the run 18 miles long when construction is finished. right now, the first stretch covers gaithersburg to olney. >> banning people from reading text messages at a traffic sign or light. delegates approved a bill. >> lawmakers are considering a bill to allow people to bring their dogs to outdoor patios across the state. it is illegal to do so. and according to the "baltimore sun" the rule cou

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